Sauerkraut Soup with Ginger and Miso

Cabbage soup, aka Kapuśniak, is very popular in Eastern European cuisine, and it was (is) eaten every week in my home.



During the winter time, kapuśniak is cooked with sauerkraut and during the hot summer days (yes, we eat soup in Poland during summer too!) with freshly picked white cabbage from our garden. The summer version is much lighter in texture and taste, always cooked with young potatoes, fresh sweet carrots and a lot of fresh dill. Yum..!

But as much as I like the summer version of the soup, I also like the spicy and sour, soul warming winter kapuśniak... Sometimes I add oyster mushrooms, rhubarb or apple, or kimchi for extra spiciness and tofu for more body. Its my comfort kind of food smiley  




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