Prickly Pear Sorbet

This sorbet is simply amazing! It's like the unicorns and the rainbows together! I can't believe I haven't tried prickly pear before! The flavor is little bit like a watermelon and a pear, but really it's nothing like I've tried before.


Be very careful handling the prickly pears. The prickles are almost invisible and are very difficult to remove from your hands. Note to myself: Do not hold them with your bare hands!


To remove prickles from the fruit, hold the prickly pears with tongs, place the fruit under cold running water and scrub them with a brush. The little points, where the prickles are, will turn to white color once the prickles are removed. Once they’re out you can hold them without fear... {I wish I knew that before! It took me quite a while to understand what is wrong with my hands...haha} laugh Cut them in half and use a tablespoon to scoop the flesh out. Alternatively try THIS peeling technique. 



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