Mahlep Cake with Apple Filling and Mahlep Buttercream

For those who don't know, Mahlep powder it is a very aromatic spice made from the seeds of the Mahaleb cherry, aka the St Lucie cherry. Lately, it is one of my favorite spices for adding to cakes and cookies. It combines two wonderful flavors in one, bitter almond and cherry.

I've layered the cake with sliced apple filling, cooked in almond liqueur which beautifully blends with mahlep flavor.



  • Mahlep powder can be easily found in most of the Greek supermarkets.
  • The apple filling can be made day ahead and stored over night at room temperature.
  • Don't go crazy on the mahlep powder. If you add to much, instead of aromatic baked goods you will end up with bitter disaster.


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