Earl Grey Raspberry Cake with Earl Grey Swiss Buttercream

Probably almost every one of you love chocolate cakes and desserts. To be honest, I'm not a huge fun of this addictive to so many ingredient. I like working with chocolate, but I definitely prefer eating fruity cakes.

Tea and herbs infused cake are my new thing, thank to Tessa Huff, very talented photographer and recipe developer that I bumped into during browsing on line. After experimenting with flavor parings I'm totally sure fruity-herbal cakes are my very favorite! Apple and sage, lemon and rosemary, strawberry and thyme, are only few of the possible combinations. You can transform simple vanilla cake into a totally new and unique creation.

Today I'm sharing with you recipe adapted from Tessa's blog . I've changed it a little, as I always do :))  It is a gorgeous cake infused with Earl Grey tea, layered with raspberry preserves and covered with Earl Grey flavored frosting. Raspberries have a sweet-sour taste and fruity, floral and leafy flavor which composes very well with Earl Grey tea in this recipe.


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