Crostata al Gelo di Mellone (Watermelon Pudding Tart)

Since the day I posted a photo of the Watermelon Tart on Facebook my email notification alarm didn't stop beeping. Everyone wants to know the secret... Well, there is no secret, and the very impressive and complicated looking tart its really easy to make. I am not a creator of that masterpiece (...I wish), the original  recipe comes form the book - "Southern Italian Desserts", and believe me I felt exactly the same as you when I saw the photo of the tart on the book cover. That was actually the reason I bought the book, I even didn't look inside, I just grabbed it and went straight to the cashier , ok maybe I stopped for few minutes next to Middle Eastern cuisine section, but these books are always so colorful, you simply can't pass by them without taking one home.

Ever since I got the book I couldn't wait for a watermelon season to start, so can finally make the amazing Crostata al Gelo di Mellone.

I couldn't find the seedless watermelon, which the recipe calls for, but apparently the seeded varieties taste much better than the seedless ones. Well... anyway, I had to remove dozens of slippery little seeds one by one, but did that pull me off of making the tart? No, I was way to excited!  I guess I could've puree the watermelon together with the seeds, because you have to pure the whole thing through the strainer letter on anyway but I didn't want to risk it. So I turned on my favorite playlist and I danced around the watermelon.

Mark Twain once called the watermelon "chief of this world's luxuries", and if you get your hands on this heavy as a medicine ball, ripe fruit you may want to agree with him. Cherry and cucumber with a hint of grass juicy watermelon is quintessence of Greek summer.


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