Salmon Patties

Love burgers? I do! With a side of thick cut French fries and maybe some sweet pickles, oh boy...! 

It all started from my big plans to make Vasilopita - the Greek New Year's Day cake. I wanted to make the bread kind, but I didn't have a strong, bread flour at home, so I went for an excursion to a supermarket. On the way back I also grabbed some fresh salmon filet from a local fish shop, perfect for a lazy dinner night. Just throw it in the grill, and server with roasted potatoes and a simple salad.

On the way home I've changed my mind. I think some of my friends posted a burger photo on Instagram, and that was it... My lazy salmon filet became flavorful salmon patty and Vasilopita became honey oat burger bun.. Oh well! I will make Vasilopita next year :) 


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