Olive Oil Biscottini (Biscottini Regina)

Wonderfully flavorful, and so simple to make, olive oil biscottini are perfect for dipping in your morning coffee or as a afternoon tea treat.

These addictive little cookies, originally from Palermo, are typical of the Sicilian cuisine.  I have found many various recipes in different cook books, some made with lard, some with butter or even olive oil. And in spite of my unconditional love for butter,I chose the olive oil version! Only because I didn't have any butter at home - and I was too lazy to go out, but I always have a bottle of good organic olive oil in my pantry. This particular recipe reminds me a lot of the Greek recipe for LADOKOULOURA, which simply means: olive oil cookies, but traditionally they add a bit of cognac or ouzo. 
I will definitely try the butter version as well, but maybe with lavender and lemon zest instead of orange.


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