Coconut Hibiscus Iced Latte (Coconut Hibiscus Shrub)

Have you ever sipped a shrub?

Shrub is a fruit syrup, preserved with vinegar. It is delicious mixed with fizzy water or alcohol, and topped with good amount of crushed ice. It makes tangy and refreshing beverage.

Commonly, shrubs are made with fresh fruit, vinegar, and sugar. You can make shurb with all kinds of summer fruits, and you can play around with types of sweetener and vinegar. I use apple cider, red wine or balsamic vinegar, and for sweeteners, white sugar or maple syrup. Making shurb at home it's very easy, and it doesnt take to much time. 

This time I didn't use fruits, and I happily discovered that fruity teas are great for making shurb too! I wonder how rooibos tea with vanilla would taste? wink







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