Silesian Potato Dumplings

From Poland with love…

Silesian potato dumplings are pleasantly gummy in texture, round and bouncy dumplings made from cooked potatoes and potato starch. These dumplings originated from Śląsk (Silesia), a mining region in the south of Poland. A legend says they first appeared in 1241 as a staple meal for miners. They are probably the most cooked and loved dish of mine. Silesian dumplings were initially made of boiled potato and potato starch, but modern cooks started adding eggs, salt, and even curd cheese. I keep my dumplings simple, using the original recipe. That way, they are not only plant-based but also gluten-free.

The best potatoes for this recipe are starchy white potatoes. 

Potato starch is wildly available in organic grocery stores, and it should be substituted for any other flour or starch. 

Silesian dumplings can be eaten with various sauces, gravies, and toppings. Today, I’m sharing the simplest version that I often ate growing up. 



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