Silesian Dumplings with Green Peas and Kale, and Red Pesto Sauce


Silesian dumplings aka kluski śląskie, are plum size potato dumplings with a characteristic small hole in the center. They are very popular in Silesia and in neighboring regions in Poland. They have a slightly gummy texture due to the addition of potato starch. Silesian dumplings are very easy to make. They are vegan and gluten-free!

Silesian dumplings are usually served as a side to meat dishes with gravy, but in my home, back in Poland, we used to serve them drizzled with melted butter and fried bread crumbs, or a generous amount of caramelized onion {oh, boy...}  

My today's recipe is a little different from the original, classic dumplings. I added green peas and kale to the mix. They can be served in a broth instead of noodles, or with different sauces and gravies.

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