Not so French Onion Soup

A plant-based version of an old-fashioned French onion soup. You may ask, isn’t the onion soup plant-based anyway? No…

Originally French onion soup is made with strongly flavored beef broth and butter. 

I'm using mushroom broth as I find its flavor is the closest to the beef flavor. I have tried various vegetable broths but the result wasn’t satisfying.

In this recipe, I used a homemade mushroom broth, which combines whole dried mushrooms, mushroom powder, fresh mushrooms, celery, and soy sauce (recipe coming soon), but you can use good quality store-bought broth or organic mushroom broth cubes. 

Don't skip the Port wine or Sherry in this recipe, it is a very important ingredient! The alcohol will evaporate during cooking, and all that will be left is cherry and dark fruit aromas. 

If blackening tomato is too tricky for you, use 2 teaspoons of good quality tomato paste. The flavor won't be quite the same but it will work. 




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