Green Tomato Pickles

I know it's not the season for green tomatoes anymore, at least not in Europe. I was lucky to find them in January on the farmers market here in Athens. Of course I couldn't resist, but I so regret I got only 2 kgs.. Pfff

Every year, by the end of summer grandma Franny used to make all sort of pickles to stock up for the winter, cold days (yes, all my childhood memories are related with grandma and food). Long time back everybody used to make pickles to be able enjoy summer vegies in December. Now days you can find all kinds of fresh vegetables in the supermarket, but I still make my pickles...

I made two types of "pickled tomato salad", classic version with onion, and multicolor with courgette and florina pepper. Both in sweet & sour marinade. Today I share the classic version.


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