Greek salad (horiatiki salata) for dummies

My Greek friends must think I'm crazy writing about the Greek salad (horiatiki), because: "who doesn't know how to make horiatki?!". Well, believe me, there are people out there! During my travels I've come across many versions of that classic dish which claimed to be the "authentic" salad but they so weren't. Maybe these people had never even been in Greece, and the recipe they have is from "a friend of a friend who said he was on vacation in Greece", or maybe they just like to create - as I do.

If you are planning to recreate this classic Greek dish please do it a favor and don't add lettuce or red beans, or simply don't call your masterpiece "the Greek salad".   

This so simple, humble dish is at its best during the harvest time when you can get the freshest summer vegetables, kissed by the Mediterranean sun. 


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