Beetroot Soup {Borscht}

Borscht is a soup that is very common in Eastern Europe cuisine, and it used to be a nightmare to my childhood days wink There are different versions of this soup, winter type with cabbage, red beans or dumpling, and summery cooler version, eaten with kefir or sour cream. 

I really like borscht made with beetroot sour commonly called "zakwas", which is a fermented beetroot juice. I know it may not sound very appealing but it really delicious. I posted the recipe HERE a while ago. I will com back to beets fermentation and the clear borscht another time.



Today I made chunky soup using young beetroots, with their stems and leaves for an extra texture. Lemon juice and fresh ginger adds extra zing to the borscht and coconuts milk add a little exotic flavor. 



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