Beer Burger Buns with Oats and Honey

When I'm not busy (or lazy...) to go the center of Athens I always pass by my favorite TAKIS BAKERY, near the Acropolis, to get some delicious bread stuff. This guys has been around since the ‘70s and they know what good bread is! They have great selection of breads and various rolls. That's the place where I used to get my luxurious burger buns.

Unfortunately I live quite far away from the center , and lately I've been ending up  buying this horrible spongy version of a burger bun from the supermarket next door. But seriously, how much of a bad burger buns can one eat?

So I made my own, very handsome buns... It wasn't planned at all, like the whole burger situation the other day, which you can read about it here, but the buns came out perfect, they were little sweet, beautifully soft and wonderfully chewy.

You can make larger batch, and stuck them in your freezer for up to 2 months. And anytime you feel like having burger night simply defrost the buns, toast and serve! So, good bye supermarket buns!


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