White Sourdough Bread {White Wheat + Whole Emmer}

My love to sourdough bloomed suddenly just a couple of years ago, when I was browsing internet looking for inspiration. And inspiration I found... Oh yes! I got in love with someone else's love for sourdough baking, one of the greatest bakers and an amazing photographer I've came across the internet, the "flour lady" Monika Walecka

Ever since then I've been following her Instagram and reading her blog. I started collecting books about bread and searching the universe for answers. I'm still a beginner, and there is so much to learn but I truly love this! 


My bread doesn't always come out great, sometimes I bake bread bricks wink  But it's ok! Even the greatest bakes started somewhere. 

When baking sourdough bread don't rush, it takes time. You may fail the first time you try but don't worry second time will be better!



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