Vegan Mayonnaise (Cashew Nuts Mayonnaise)

Have you ever tried a store bought vegan mayonnaise? How weird this thing taste? Plus, all the strange ingredients it contains. As I always say, home made stuff taste much better (ha, I sound just like my Grandma). Cooking or actually mayonnaise making in this case, is not a rocket science, it is actually fun! I'm telling you, TRY! 

This mayo recipe is super delicious. Cashews give wonderfully smooth base for mayonnaise and  have very discreet nutty flavor. This mayonnaise is great on sandwiches, potato salads, dips and dressing. You can add any flavor to it, smoky paprika, garlic, wasabi, chili, roasted red peppers, etc.. Sky is the limit!

I like to add a generous shake of cayenne pepper and clove of garlic.


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