Vegan Cheesecake Cups

I've already mentioned on the beginning that I`m pescetarian - I eat fish and other seafood but I don't eat red meat or a poultry. I still consume quite a lot of dairy products which I'm not so proud of it.

Slowly I began changing my eating habits towards becoming vegetarian or even vegan. Definitely I want to eat more healthy.

I'm a big foodie! I eat out quite often, and I must tell you its very hard to find vegetarian options in the restaurants in Athens, I'm not even thinking about vegan! Even some vegetarian dishes are not truly vegetarian. Lot of places uses meat based stock to cook vegetarian risotto (oh, no!).

I cook a lot a home, actually every single day, and veggie based diet can be really tasty, very colorful and full of vitamins and proteins. Basically this type of  diet is all you need to be healthy and happy!  I will posting more of this type of recipes, so try them out!

Today I have for you vegan cheesecake cups made of cashew nuts. Very creamy, delicious desert made of plants! And must say quite cheesy for something what is not made of cheese.  

 Read the recipe through before you begin, as you will have to start the day before you want to make the cheesecake cups.


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