Stir-fry Cabbage with Kimchi for One

My new obsession? Asian fusion, healthy kind of cooking. It is very noticeable, specially on my Instagram feed, ha! But have you tried kimchi, ramen or stir-fry? Seriously, the flavors explosions you get in you mouth is WOW.

My last jar, and already half empty!!

Couple of days ago while I was preparing the ramen soup, I thought I could make lightly cooked kimchi (i love this stuff) as one of the soup toppings, why not right?  At the same time I was chopping these cute, tennis ball size cabbages that I got from the farmers market, I was preparing them for another fusion kind of dish. Anyhow, there was lot of cabbage leafs "leftover", and because don't like to throw away the good stuff, I chopped them up and throw the into wok along with the  kimich, ginger, green onions and garlic. So finally kimchi didn't end up in my ramen soup but happily found the way to my stomach :)


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