Red Pesto, Mushrooms and Asparagus Pizza (Chickpea pizza dough)

Pizza anyone..?

Who doesn't like pizza, right? Fluffy deep dish pizza, thin and crispy crust or anything in between... I love pizza unconditionally, and especially the real deal home made pizza, which is simply the best! There is a lot tricks and shortcuts to make home made pizza crust in less than 30 min. You can use ready made flatbreads as a pizza base, which are pretty good - I do it quite often.

Yesterday I tried a really nice pizza crust recipe from the latest Donna Hay magazine (I absolutely love this mgz). The dough is made of  wheat and chickpea flour and its ready in 5 min! Comes out uber thin and crunchy. I changed the recipe slightly (its what I always do, haha).. I used gluten free flour instead wheat and beer instead water.


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