Pierogi with amaranth, broad beans and Greek anthotiro cheese

For those unfamiliar with the term PIEROGI, they are

Eastern European stuffed pasta just like Italian ravioli or Chinese dumplings. They can be boiled or boiled and then fried. Either way they are delicious. I, myself like them steamed-fried, my Polish-Chinese fusion technique :)

Back home in Poland we make various kinds of stuffing, from sweet and sour cherry to potato and cheese. Options are endless, I like to follow my imagination.

Very luckily I live in a country which supplies my kitchen with flavorful goodness. I regularly visit organic farmers market near by my house. Spring and summer season it is like a paradise, you can find so many amazing fruits and veggies, some I didn't even know are edible :) Like for example, the gorgeous - full of iron, vitamins and minerals, amaranth leaves, commonly called vlita in Greece, which are usually boiled and served with olive oil and lemon. I use them in almost every recipe which calls for spinach leaves. In this recipe combined with broad beans and creamy - ricotta like, anthotiro cheese, amaranth is perfect addition to a dumpling stuffing.


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