Home Made Paprika Pappardelle with Mushroom Ragout

I finally made home made pasta... Home made, hand rolled, and hand cut to be exact (lol). Because how long can you wait for you head to remember to buy pasta roller? It is on my "to buy" list for over 2 years - hint for the darling Santa Clause ; )))

Making pasta wasn't as difficult as a though, neither the rolling. I made paprika flavor pappardelle as a start and crazy delicious mushroom ragout aka grandmas cooking gone Korean. Pasta came out uber delicious, thin - thank to my wild rolling pin skills, and very tender. And the sauce... C R A Z Y good, so flavorful, so sticky and so...yum! 

I sliced the mushroom first and then I used multi-mixer to "chop" them finely.  The secret to this beautiful stickiness of the ragout is the ssamjang paste so try not to skip it. I brought mine all the way from Korea but you can find it on line.


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