Focaccia has similar style and texture to pizza dough, but due to lager amount of added yeast it rises higher - and takes you to the 7th heaven :) 



This very easy and quick, flat Italian bread is commonly made with rosemary or tomatoes but it can be topped with almost anything you like. I even tried apple topping  with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg (yum). If you decide to make a "sweet" version of the dough add only a pinch of salt, increase the amount of sugar, and substitute white caster sugar for the coconut one. 



You can also bake the focaccia "naked", just drizzle it with little bit of olive oil and sprinkle with a sea salt flakes. Serve cold or warm, as a snack or a side dish. Focaccia made with delicious rich toppings would also be a great dinner treat, served warm and washed down with cold light beer.




  • you can substitute beer for lukewarm water in this recipe
  • if using beer stay away from hoppy and bitter types
  • you are going to need lukewarm beer for this recipe but make sure you keep 2nd one in the fridge, you may need it when the focaccia is ready ;))) 
  • I don't recommend eating hot focaccia straight from the oven. Hot tomato juice might burst in your mouth burning you badly and that will lead to not being able to enjoy the rest of the delicious focaccia.

Recipe for this sexy bread stuff you can find it HERE ;)))


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