Soft Gingerbread Cookies

Hey guys, how have you been? I totally abounded my blog this month. But when I turn the calendar page to 1st of December, I'm getting straight into the "planet crazy". This is the time of the year that I wish my days were much longer, I had an extra pair of hands, and ability of working with a speed of light :)

Since the beginning of the month I 've been making cakes and cookies, decorating little gingerbread snowmen and snowflakes. The truth is I didn't have energy to write. On the end of the day I just wanted to hug my pillow. But now when all work it's done I can relax a little, in the kitchen of course!

Every Christmas I bake my favorite, old fashioned gingerbread cookies. The recipe for this soft and fluffy, almost melt in your mouth gingerbreads you will find here . In PREPERATION I forgot to mention the sugar (sorry for that)! So, in the point number 5 before the eggs add sugar. The rest is the same.


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