Chocolate Nutmeg Biscuits

There is a large jar in my kitchen, which is always filled with various biscuits, shyly squinting at me from behind the glass wall, inviting : have a piece, or two, with your morning coffee.

Flavors are depending on the season of the year or mood I'm currently in. Usually it's Christmas all year long, hehe... Right now I have Spicy Orange Gingerbreads and Chocolate Nutmeg Biscuits in my jar. I like to bake gingerbreads through the whole year. I just keep on changing the recipe by adding orange zest, chocolate or almonds. You know... Not to get bored ;-) 

The second guest in my jar, chocolate biscuits with nutmeg is a new recipe, adapted from Donna Hay Magazine. Nutmeg nicely boosts the flavor of the chocolate cookies and adds a bit of freshens to its taste.   


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