Autumn Pizza with Creamy Walnut Sauce

I can cook storm in my kitchen, I can make delicious cake when I really want to, and I can make quite good bread, but writing stories isn't my best side... I sit down in my comfy desk chair, I open the laptop, I have it all in my head...and then, suddenly, I hit the wall of nothingness... Creating recipes is so much more easier than explaining them!

People ask me quite often where do I get the recipes from, or how do I come up with some of the "weird" dishes. I collect cook books, I have dozens by now, and hundreds of oil stained pages from some old magazine or an old cook book, printed or hand written notes, copies from my grandmas notebook. I like experimenting in the kitchen, combining flavors and textures, mixing up old and new recipes. I get inspired in farmers market! You see pumpkin, and what I see it's endless options and new delicious dishes.

Here in my kitchen I'm the boss, I'm the head chef of my imaginary restaurant, here I can make mistakes and learn from them. Here the magic happens... Like that delicious pizza that I made yesterday :)

I wanted to create flavorful pizza, without tomato sauce and also vegan, so without cheese or any of a dairy products. You could of course use vegan cheese if you like but I don't like the texture, and it always sticks to the teeth (eghh). I blended some walnuts and chestnuty soya cream into pesto like grainy sauce, topped my pizza with mushroom and created heaven :))) The flavor combination was amazing! Autumny, rich, so flavorful and so darn delicious!


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