Hummus with Sautéed Asparagus and Poached Egg

Here I'm again! After a long break I'm back with a jar full of recipes! Writing a blog and a column is a ... let me put it this way : hell of a job! Especially when you are the chef, photographer and the "writer" ! I have no idea how people can pull this off!

Delicious home made hummus makes things instantly better. It gives you super powers, and make you strong! Haha.. No seriously, it does!

It is a shame not too many people makes their own hummus at home. Fresh hummus is way far better than any store bought, weird tasting slurry than you can use to retile your bathroom ;-) 

* baking soda is the secret softening agent. Chickpeas boiled in water with soda cook much faster, and they are soft enough to make heavenly creamy hummus.




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