Greek Style Hand Pies with Cheese (Tiropitakia Kourou)

I think this is one of the classic baked goods, that you can find in almost every bakery around Greece. Light and flaky pastry with a heart of cheese filling. There many different recipes of kourou but all are equally delicious. Classic version hides inside feta cheese filling,  however, a mix of other cheese like anthotiro, xynomyzitra, goat cheese or even fresh herbs takes the pies to another lever.

Kourou pies are usually made with combination of yoghurt and butter or butter and margarine, but in my recipe I used only butter (I truly love butter) and non classic mix of three different flours. The dough I ultra flaky and crumbles in your mouth. Absolute deliciousness!

Some time ago I shared the recipe of kourou pies in my column on Food and Leisure site,  but it magically disappeared! Maybe it was Greek patriot hacker who didn't want the national secret recipe spread around the world or maybe that was just an error, but will remain a mystery... ;)


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